The Polyglot Group Early Metrics assesses the growth potential of innovative ventures so as to promote the most exciting innovations of tomorrow.


Early Metrics

Launched in 2014, Early Metrics is considered the top international rating agency for startups, scale-ups and innovative SMEs. Their mission? To bring more transparency to an increasingly complex startup ecosystem.

To deliver on this mission, the independent agency has developed a scientific methodology to assess a startups’ growth potential. By analysing key non-financial metrics (the founding team, the core innovation and the startups’ ecosystem), Early Metrics provides the relevant KPIs that empower their clients to understand and engage with innovation.

With clients ranging from blue chip corporations (Visa, Johnson & Johnson, Airbus, and Bouygues) to institutional and equity investors, Early Metrics is seen as a trusted third party and a quality label to obtain by entrepreneurs.

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The Polyglot Group

Company Size

11-50 employees
The Polyglot Group


Venture Capital & Private Equity
The Polyglot Group


Rating Agency, Startups, Scale-Ups, SMEs and Innovation


After exploring business prospects in the United Kingdom, the founders decided to expand by opening an office in London. To launch their UK operations and during the initial set-up period, Early Metrics needed a reliable recruitment partner who could quickly and effectively source the best fit for unique roles.

Since they were expanding to a new market, the company placed great importance on building a knowledgeable team of leaders who could carry out the firm’s reputation as a reliable and well-informed rating agency.

Furthermore, Early Metrics were not only after talented niche local talent who would have the required technical skills, but were also interested in individuals who had in-depth knowledge of the local ecosystem. As such, they required a responsive solution for certain positions that remained to be defined.

The Polyglot Group


When working with Early Metrics, the Polyglot Group understood that its primary need was to build a reliable and ambitious team of individuals on which they could rely on to scale internationally.

The business required niche technical talent with valuable experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial fields to fill roles, such as a Head of Ecosystem, Venture Capital Analysts and Business Developers. Technical skills aside, it was important for Early Metrics to find and welcome individuals who could believe in the company’s DNA.

At the Polyglot Group, we believe that “great vision without great people is irrelevant” and pride ourselves on finding the right person for the job, not necessarily the right person on paper. This approach meant that we truly listened to Early Metrics’ vision and took the time to understand their culture so as to ensure that each hire fulfilled their unique business goals.


During our preliminary exchanges with the founders, our experts fine-tuned and penciled out exactly what type of talents and what kind of personalities Early Metrics needed to ensure that each hire was the ideal fit for their ambitious expansion.

Thanks to this methodology, the Polyglot Group was able to secure the ideal candidates for Early Metrics, thus contributing to their sustainable growth.

Overall, thanks to our multicultural DNA, local expertise and global footprint, we ensured that Early Metrics could focus on its exciting expansion, whilst we took care of finding the individuals that would lead their London office as well as push their UK presence.

Early Metrics is now established in London, Paris, Berlin and Tel-Aviv, with operations throughout Europe, where we continue to partner with them on their growth with regards to their recruitment needs.

Since its creation in 2014, the agency has rated over 1500 startups and scale-ups, and services over 150 clients in various industries, including VISA, HSBC, Airbus, Johnson & Johnson, LVMH and Renault to name a few.

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