Employer of Record

Explore & test new markets faster with minimal risk.

Looking to test a new market without breaking
the bank
? Needing to expand and hire staff quickly & compliantly, but unsure of your options?

What if we told you there’s a way for you to access new markets in a matter of days! Simplify and streamline your expansion across borders with our Employer of Record (EOR) service!

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Hire staff quickly & compliantly all without establishing a local entity!

Whether you’re a small business with limited HR resources or a multinational company looking
to explore a new market quickly, partnering with a Professional Employment Organisation
(like us!) to outsource all hiring, HR and payroll functions might just be the solution for you!

Our global employment outsourcing solution enables companies of all shapes
and sizes to hire top talent without having to create local entities or subsidiaries.

Some of the many benefits of partnering with us include…

Risk Mustard

Fast Market Entry

Enter new markets and deploy staff in a matter of days, without the need for establishing local entities.

HR Compliance Mustard

Ensured Compliance

Outsource the complex task of regulatory compliance to a local expert for peace of mind.

Risk Mustard

Reduced Risk

Your local PEO partner stays up to date with all local legislation changes so you don’t have to.

Superannuation Mustard

Reduce Costs

Using a PEO allows you to mitigate the cost of registering a new branch or incorporating a subsidiary.

Talent Acquisition

Improved Productivity

Increase efficiency and ensure issues are dealt with quickly with access to a single point of contact.

All In One Mustard

All-In-One Solution

Work with one partner for all of your HR needs, removing the need to maintain an expensive in-house team.

What is Employer of Record?


The Polyglot Group

How It Works


Polyglot Group acts as an Employer of Record, becoming the local employer of your staff.

As your EOR Partner (also sometimes referred to as a PEO/GEO),
we hold all the necessary licenses, insurances and registrations
to employ and process the payroll for your team on your behalf.

You remain responsible for the day to day management of your employees,
but we administer all local employment steps including…

Employer of Record (EOR) Checklist

Want a simple and convenient way to take your business overseas?
Learn more in our How to Expand and Grow Your Business
Globally with an Employer of Record (EOR) checklist.
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