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Managing your employees through a solid and compliant HR function can be overwhelming, especially across different countries where local jurisdictions & employments laws differ.

No need to worry. We’re here to simplify.
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Polyglot Group provides a range of HR services across the globe to support
both local and global HR teams and managers in time of growth & expansion.

With local understanding of HR practices and compliance requirements, we take
care of all the nitty gritty so that you can concentrate on your core business

Benefit from our services as a one-off or as an ongoing HR support plan.

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HR Outsourcing

HR Compliance

Onboarding & Induction
Remuneration & Benefits
Ending Employment

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HR Advisory

HR Audits

Modern Award Finder
Policies & Procedures
Employment Contracts

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Why Outsource Your HR?

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Enhance Productivity

We sweat the details.
Polyglot Group takes care of your HR so that you may concentrate on your core competencies as a business.

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Access To Experts

We provide the right advice.
Our HR Advisors are dedicated to you and your business to provide tailor made solutions for your business.

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Reduce Risk

We have you covered.
We stay on top of workplace regulations for you so as to ensure your business remains safe.

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Aid Growth

Let us help you grow better.
By allocating experts to strategically manage your talent, your business can grow quicker & better.

Meet our Experts

Our specialists are here to help you grow with local HR support & knowledge.

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