The Polyglot Group ARECO is a French Food Tech company that innovates products such as nebulisation, to better enhance the freshness and quality of produce.



Founded in 1998, ARECO is a French Food Tech company that innovates products such as nebulisation, to better enhance the freshness and quality of produce.

They have since expanded across the globe with partnerships and two subsidiaries; ARECO North America (ANA) and ARECO Pacific (APA), created in 2016 and 2018, respectively. Their nebulisation system has become a staple for Australia’s retail giant, Woolworths, with APA signing a contract with them in 2019. Concerned about reducing food waste and promoting solutions, ARECO Pacific is a signatory of the Australian Food Pact.

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1998 (ARECO), 2019 (ARECO Pacific)
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Grasse, France
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Company Size

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Industrial Machine Manufacturing
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Innovation and Food Technology

“We didn't want to work with a big consulting firm, but more with a company with which our values could match and which could understand our company's vision.”
Marine Hall CFO - ARECO Pacific


Having established themselves as pioneers in humidification machinery, ARECO wished to expand to the Asia Pacific. After receiving an order from one of their customers, they wanted to act fast and needed to set up an entity in Australia and employ a local team. After being introduced by Business France, and connecting over our shared values, ARECO chose Polyglot Group to help them expand and grow in Australia. 


“We also needed a presence in terms of company accounting, payroll and an Australian Director to speed up our administrative procedures.”
Marine Hall CFO – ARECO Pacific


Entering the Australian market requires a number of tasks to be fulfilled. By providing our holistic cross-service solution, we gave ARECO Pacific the necessary support to assist their entry into Australia. When setting up a subsidiary in Australia, a company must have a local resident director. This requirement is in place to ensure that companies are compliant with their regulatory obligations. 

This particular condition can be a large hurdle for international companies wishing to expand into Australia. To overcome this, Polyglot Group provided ARECO Pacific with a local director. As a minimum, a local director acts in a compliance role, however, this can be expanded to include Public Officer duties such as being the main point of contact with Australia’s Taxation Office (ATO). A local director also helps the company establish their entity, playing a particularly important role in the first six months of setup.

Our talent acquisition team was tasked with filling key roles within the business. A number of these roles were undertaken during the pandemic, and with Australia having multiple lockdowns across the states, it required in-depth local market knowledge to source appropriate candidates. Working closely with ARECO Pacific, we found the appropriate candidates who not only possessed the necessary skills but were a good cultural fit for the company.

A unique aspect of Australian employment are modern awards. These awards set out the minimum entitlements for employees and are in addition to the National Employment Standards (NES). They outline important aspects like; annual leave, minimum salary, overtime, and payloading, among other things. Modern awards can be tricky to keep on top of as they change regularly and are segmented by industry and/or occupation.

ARECO Pacific enlisted our HR team to perform a Modern Award Determination to assist in identifying the appropriate modern award for their employees. In addition, our HR team has assisted in the drafting of employment contracts and in conducting offboarding duties on an ad-hoc basis. Along with this, we have been ARECO Pacific’s payroll provider since setting up their business in Australia.


“They didn’t just find qualified people in terms of skills but also on the personality of the candidate and if it could fit with our values.”
Marine Hall CFO – ARECO Pacific



As ARECO Pacific’s growth partner in Australia for four years, we have worked together to establish their business quickly, expand their ever-growing team, assist in HR-related matters, and provide payroll services. Now, ARECO Pacific has established itself as a pioneer in the industry and is known for its innovative nebulisation system, which has become a staple in supermarkets across Australia.

The commitment to delivering the best possible results and the close relationship with clients that ARECO Pacific values, have allowed them to continuously improve their solutions. ARECO Pacific’s respect for all partners and their focus on the wellbeing of their people is evident in their inclusive and supportive company culture. These values, combined with their dedication to reducing food waste and promoting sustainability, make ARECO Pacific a leader in their industry.


“Our business cultures are similar and this has really had an impact on the way we work together. Since then, we have been able to develop our business in Australia and continue to do so with Polyglot at our side.”
Marine Hall CFO – ARECO Pacific

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