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Strong communication is the key to business growth. Dialpad, an artificial intelligence (AI) cloud-native business communications platform, founded in 2011, recognises that. Their award-winning software emulates their vision of “Make Business Communications Great”. 

Changing the way we think about work, Dialpad has come at a time of the flexible work revolution. Their software is underpinned by flexibility and is designed to empower people to make meaningful and productive connections anywhere – on any device. A staple for over 25,000 innovative brands, some of their notable clients include Xero, TED, and WeWork. 

The Polyglot Group


The Polyglot Group


San Ramon, California
The Polyglot Group

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1000+ employees
The Polyglot Group


The Polyglot Group


Communications, SaaS, Remote Work, Distributed Work, Work From Home, Team Collaboration, Productivity, Artificial Intelligence, AI

“Moving into international markets was slow, time consuming, and more expensive. Polyglot simplified all of that for us, and their customer support was (and continues to be) excellent.”
- Tasha Liniger, CHRO, Dialpad


Wanting to expand their product operations, Dialpad set their sights on Australia and New Zealand. The problem? They had no local entity and wanted to act fast much faster than traditional routes could afford them.

International markets are difficult to enter without local knowledge and expertise. Navigating local regulations and laws is time consuming, and the risk of non-compliance is high. Keen to set-up a local entity, but not wanting to waste time, Dialpad sought out an intermediate solution, which led them to partner with Polyglot Group.


To expand quickly and efficiently on an international-scale, it is best to invest in an Employer of Record (EOR) solution, which is exactly what we offered Dialpad. 

Adopting a back-end administrative role, we provided Dialpad with EOR services; which included proactive and compliant HR and Payroll onboarding, follow-up and offboarding. Working in tandem with their teams in Japan and in the United States, we drew up contracts and hired employees in Australia and New Zealand. In addition, as an EOR we provide legal protections and give companies more avenues when expanding internationally.

When helping businesses enter a new market, especially as to how quickly Dialpad wanted to enter Australia and New Zealand, our team had to be flexible and speedy. Both of these were acknowledged by Dialpad, as well as our good customer service.

Our holistic EOR services is an all-encompassing offering; that makes entry into Australia and New Zealand faster, easier and cheaper for companies without an established local entity, which was the case for Dialpad. 

“Polyglot provided a partnership that allowed us to enter new markets faster and with more flexibility.” – Tasha Liniger, CHRO, Dialpad


Our fast turn-around and human-centric philosophy helped Dialpad expand into Australia and New Zealand in record time. 

We helped grow the Australian team to a point that we have now transferred our EOR services to their own Australian entity established by Dialpad. For New Zealand, we are still assisting in their growth using EOR services.  

Over the course of our partnership, Dialpad has almost doubled in size with over 1000 employees. 

“Much of that expansion was outside of North America and Polyglot allowed us to hire in a number of regions where we didn’t have operations.” Tasha Liniger, CHRO, Dialpad

Our services are designed to nourish and grow businesses to help them reach their full potential. Our desire to help businesses flourish drives us to go above and beyond for our clients. This passion and urgency had us halving our usual turnaround times to make Dialpad’s dream a reality.

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