The Polyglot Group Onepark is an innovative booking platform for parking spaces that exemplifies the share economy and promotes eco-mobility.



Onepark is an innovative booking platform for parking spaces that exemplifies the share economy and promotes eco-mobility. Using its own unique software, the Onepark mobile application allows members to rent secure parking spots from other users –no remote control or accessories necessary.

The Polyglot Group


The Polyglot Group


Paris, France
The Polyglot Group

Company Size

11-50 Employees
The Polyglot Group


Leisure, Travel & Tourism
The Polyglot Group


Share Economy, Eco-mobility


With €14.5M of funding raised from 2016-2017, OnePark was well equipped financially to grow as a business. But to make this growth a reality, they needed the right people in the right places.

Originally conceived in France (with their HQ in Paris), Onepark has since expanded to Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, and Germany. Their ever-growing vision for international expansion across Europe called for top-notch talents who would set up and drive the business – wherever they wanted it to go.

Our partnership project was about so much more than filling roles. Onepark had already consulted other companies and been dissatisfied with the level of service and talent brought to them in the past. As such, they were not going to settle for a run-of-the-mill Talent Acquisition provider.

The Onepark team found themselves in a unique situation with unique needs. They required a global partner with local expertise that understood international expansion like the back of their hand. They wished to explore a high-calibre and diverse talent pool. They desired a human-to-human approach that would see the process through to the end, demonstrating care for every individual that would be involved along the way.


Knowing that people would be instrumental to Onepark’s growth, we crafted a solution that would put people at the forefront of the project, establishing a profound and mutually rewarding partnership between our businesses.

From 2017-2018, our Talent Acquisition Specialists sought and placed multiple profiles across all five countries – Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, and France. These executive roles were integral to the setup and sustainable performance of Onepark’s business operations in each country. We understood the Talent Acquisition process as an indispensable tool for the business’s broader growth strategy.


The partnership proved both rewarding and profound on multiple levels. As Onepark’s trusted Talent Acquisition provider, we made perfect use of our diverse and dynamic international talent pool to access the candidates they desired most.

This meant extending our global reach all the way to Italy, Portugal, and Germany, where we sourced Country Launchers that would take their growth journey to new heights (and territories)!

For Onepark, Polyglot Group is now an essential partner for unparalleled international recruitment. The reliable point of contact and human approach of our European consultants laid the foundations for a lasting partnership with the client.

“I believe that the anteriority of our relationship, the constant contact between Paul and I have helped him understand our company, business model and value so that he can shoot ever more precisely when we ask him for a new profile. I hope that this mutually beneficial relationship will continue in the future.”

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