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Don’t get lost in translation. In a world of global business, communication doesn’t have to be complex. Whether you’re doing international deals; attracting foreign clients; bidding on overseas tenders; interpreting for business meetings, conferences, and delegates; or even training employees…

Just say the word, and we’re here.

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We have expertise in all languages and dialects, for all kinds of industries. We
work strictly with native-speaking translators, interpreters and teachers from all
over the world, making communication across cultures a reality for your business.

The Polyglot Group

Polyglot Group provides both free and sworn translations and can translate into more than 250 language combinations.

Each of our translators is an expert in a specific field, which can range from legal to marketing, medical, electronics, mining, retail and more. We also have a team of accredited sworn translators, who can provide certified translations for official use.

Given the fast changes in the digital world we don’t only translate documents, but also Software, Applications, SaaS Platforms and Websites.

The Polyglot Group

Needing to communicate on the fly? We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for conferences.

When needed, we provide audio equipment such as headphones, speakers and microphones.

Our team of interpreters are not only available for conferences, but also to smooth language barriers in one-on-one meetings.

Polyglot Group assists you with on-site and telephone interpreting by partnering up with highly qualified professionals.

The Polyglot Group
Language Coaching

By offering language classes to your team, you can both support the connections between different offices and empower individual growth.

Our professors are here for you, no matter where you are located in Europe. Regardless of if you wish to organise classes at your office or prefer learning online, we have a solution for you.

The courses can be both for individuals and for groups, from beginner to advanced levels.

The Polyglot Group

Doing business around the globe and feel your head spinning? We provide the option of localisation of content, for every one of your relevant markets.

We ensure your business documents, content, and materials match the language of your chosen destination, ensuring that you cater to the linguistic and cultural differences of your target market.

From employment contracts to marketing content, we help you communicate with confidence.

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Jurlique is an Australian cosmetics manufacturer specialising in natural botanical-based skincare and cosmetics. Founded in 1985 by husband and wife duo, Dr. Jurgen & Ulrike Klein – Jurlique products are now sold in more than 19 countries around the world.

Our Commitment

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We partner with highly qualified
Native Speakers as well as use
state of the art software to
offer you the best final product.

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We partner with you from
beginning to end to make sure
your project is harmonious and
to ascertain quality control.

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We can translate
up to 2,000 words per day
so as to have fast turnarounds
and work around your deadlines.

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We guarantee the utmost confidentiality in regards to the handling of the documentation entrusted to us.

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