The entrepreneur’s journey is a long and winding one and the energy space is fraught with obstacles and challenges.


The Polyglot Group’s Spark Club unites entrepreneurs in the energy field with a common objective; to build energy businesses.

Wednesday the 15th of February brought our first quarterly meeting of 2017. True to our ambition of helping entrepreneurs, we explored what it takes to generate success in this ever-evolving space.

CEO Stefan Jarnason took centre stage to discuss his first-hand experience in creating his successful business – Solar Analytics. The Spark Club co-founder Grant McDowell interviewed Stefan and asked the questions that every entrepreneur ponders. Stefan shared his knowledge in navigating the difficulties in establishing his startup, and overcoming the common challenges faced by entrepreneurs in this space. He also discussed the complexity of achieving comprehensive financial planning and stable business development. Following the discussion, participants had the opportunity to own change to ask their own questions, before concluding with networking.

Our participants were as versatile as the industry its self. From sustainable electrical transport to renewable energy storage, the participants were invested in many different areas of the renewable energy industry. Seasoned business leaders joined budding entrepreneurs to seize this opportunity to learn from the success of a well-established business.

The Polyglot Group knows that the energy space is continuously evolving, and industry experts have first-hand knowledge to share. As such, we look forwards to our next quarterly meeting.

Interested in finding out more about the Spark Club? Head to the Spark Club website. See you at the next event!

People networking

People networking

People networking

People networking

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audience watching a presentation (front view)

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