It’s been a long time coming for our CEO and founder Corinne Bot. 25 years, to be exact!


And what a journey it’s been: starting out in the mid-1990s as a one-woman-show and growing it to the global boutique business it is today. But for Corinne, you can’t separate the lessons learned in business from the ones learned in life. So, for Polyglot Group’s 25th anniversary, we gathered the top 25 lessons that she’s learned along the way.


Corinne’s story, turning a teeming idea into a thriving business, may not be the only one of its kind. But her perspective is undoubtedly unique. As we saw in her feature in the 50 Unsung Business Heroes, Corinne is all about purpose-driven work with people-driven values. This same perspective has earned her a plethora of accolades along the way, including her Knighthood from the French Government, the Telstra Business Women’s Award, the NSW Employer of Choice Award, Outstanding Business Leader, and more.


“If you live by your values,
and you are showing everybody there are things
you will not tolerate, you set the culture
– it’s as simple as th


– Corinne Bot, CEO & Founder of Polyglot Group


Corinne’s 25 Lessons


1. Be determined.

2. Don’t try. Do.

3. Let go. Learn to let go of the things that you cannot and do not need to control.

4. Always be yourself. You are unique and you will succeed as yourself, not as someone else.

5. Listen to yourself as much as those around you.

6. Know your purpose and keep it at the forefront of everything you do.

7. Be optimistic.

8. Admit when you don’t know the answer. It’s a sign of true strength, not weakness.

9. Joy is not simply a feeling. It’s a choice, both in life and at work. You must choose to experience joy in what you do, or else you’re choosing to be miserable.

10. Perspective is key.

11. Never take anything for granted. This is the key to remaining optimistic and grateful about what you have and where you are.

12. Keep in mind your priorities in life, not only in business. After all, life comes first.

13. Don’t hesitate when you should act.

14. Know that good things don’t come easy.

15. Reflect on what you’ve learned.

16. It’s okay to fail. What’s not okay is to never try again.

17. Take care of yourself first.

18. Make every moment count and live in the present.

19. Be flexible with your goals. Have a goal, sure, but don’t be so fixated on it that it can’t change.

20. Money shouldn’t be your aim.

21. You cannot please everyone and that’s okay.

22. Be curious. That’s what will keep you learning.

23. Don’t make assumptions.

24. Companies are ultimately individuals. Everything is about feelings, people, and relationships – whether you’re a hairdresser or a CEO!

25. Be vulnerable. You can’t choose how you instinctively react to things, but you can choose how you express your strengths and your weaknesses.


& A Few More Tips…


For the women in business:

  • Own your feminine strengths and sensibilities. Communicate as a woman, whether you’re at work or at home – be open about talking about your family when appropriate. There is no need to keep up appearances. Women are strong communicators and it would be such a shame to silence these voices.


For the aspiring innovators:

  • Access the decision-maker. Change their way of seeing things from the top-down – don’t always attempt to mimic those in power. Instead, show them that you can do things your way and be as efficient and successful as them.


For the youth of today:

  • You have one life. Live it. Don’t cause yourself unnecessary suffering and pain. We place so much pressure on ourselves – even more so nowadays, thanks to this image-based culture and metrics of popularity with social media.


What were your biggest takeaways from Corinne’s 25+ lessons? What would you add that you’ve learned and wish you’d known years ago? 

About the Author:

Monica is a self-confessed grammar nerd and passionate advocate of diversity, equality, and cultural heritage. Communication is her trade and words and languages are her best tools, allowing her to bring creative flair to any kind of content that she creates.