Polyglot Group has kick-started the new financial year with our best foot forward by being named finalists in 3 different categories for the 2019 NSW Business Chamber Awards!


The NSW Business Chamber Awards recognise the strengths and successes of businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations. Within the state of NSW, these awards honour local and regional businesses as well as inspirational business people.


It is common belief that things happen in threes. Well, we couldn’t be happier to make this a reality and are excited to announce that we were recognised and commended in the following 3 categories:

1. Outstanding Business Leader recognising Polyglot Group’s outstanding founder, Corinne Bot – for which we… WON!

2. Outstanding Employer of Choice recognising Polyglot Group’s safe and supportive workplace as well as its vibrant company culture – for which we were highly commended.

3. Outstanding Young Employee recognising our awesome Global Head of Marketing, Manon Bot – who was named finalist amongst a modest handful of nominees.


In order to qualify for these awards, we needed to demonstrate how Polyglot Group and its Polyglotter nominees inspire and make a positive contribution to the business as well as to our people.


Polyglot Group is all about people. We invest a lot of time and resources to ensure an employee-centric workplace. So, it brings us such joy to see our proud Polyglotters rewarded for their hard work, as well as the whole organisation, for having a safe and supportive environment.


Our culture is built on support, care, and trust, and manifests itself in a uniquely diverse team.


We celebrate and welcome diversity in all of its forms and pride ourselves on being inclusive. This is only a reality because our Polyglotters embrace these values. Manon and Corinne are quite the example as they both are advocates of diversity and gender equality.


Our founder and CEO Corinne certainly is and has always been an Outstanding Business Leader in our eyes. But having her awarded and recognised by the NSW Business Chamber is an honour and a nod to the decades of dedication, passion, and resilience that got us to where we are today.


So again, a very big and well-deserved congratulations to Manon & Corinne for their nominations. We also want to take a moment to thank all Polyglotters worldwide that contribute towards making Polyglot Group an Outstanding Employer of Choice. We are already training our vocal chords for the gala night on the 31st of July for Sydney City results!

About the Author:

Monica is a self-confessed grammar nerd and passionate advocate of diversity, equality, and cultural heritage. Communication is her trade and words and languages are her best tools, allowing her to bring creative flair to any kind of content that she creates.