In order to maintain a positive level of productivity, functionality, and most importantly, happiness within your companygiving your employees the care and attention that they deserve is a must.

This is where Human Resources comes in.

But too often, businesses cut corners with (or completely overlook) their HR management, knowing all too well the amount of work that it involves.

So, why not consider outsourcing your HR to experts? Experts who’ll take care of all the things you don’t want to worry about?

HR outsourcing essentially eliminates the risk, time and confusion associated with managing Human Resources.

A team of qualified HR professionals will stay on top of workplace regulations, administration, and employee-related scenarios for you – so that you don’t have to.


How HR Outsourcing works

On a day-to-day basis (or however required), your dedicated HR Team will:

– guide and advise you through everyday HR issues

minimise your risk by helping to ensure compliance and best practice

– work to increase employee engagement and satisfaction

– provide support and expertise to help your team(s) perform better

– strive to empower and educate your people.

So, whether you are a small company looking to grow compliantly, or a larger business looking to operate more efficiently, the people you manage will remain in good hands.


What HR Outsourcing Covers

HR Outsourcing encompasses a whole range of employee-related aspects. Here are just some of the most commonly outsourced HR functions.

– Risk Management

– HR Compliance

– Temporary Staffing

– Employee Orientation / On-boarding

– Employee Assistance / Counselling

– Benefits

– Worker’s Compensation

– Remuneration

– Performance Management

– Termination

– Succession Planning

– Outplacement / Off-boarding

– Training & Coaching


Add-ons To HR Outsourcing 

Also related to employee management, other popular outsourcing services include Talent Acquisition and Payroll.

Certain providers will even allow you to combine individual HR or other professional services, for a complete, end-to-end solution.

One example of this is Employment Outsourcing, also known as EOR (Employer of Record), GEO (Global Employment Outsourcing) or PEO (Professional Employer Organisation).

For businesses expanding overseas, the challenges that come with employing in another market are often tiresome… and puzzling. Thus, to simplify your expansion, you may wish to consider consulting a local Employer of Record (EOR) partner.

As the Employer of Record, this third-party partner becomes the in-country employer of your staff. You remain responsible for the day-to-day management of your employees, but the HR provider administers all local employment steps.


How HR Outsourcing Helps

With expertise in workplace relations and compliance, coupled with strong people skills and emotional intelligence, true HR professionals can come to the rescue in a number of different workplace situations. Here are a few potential complications, resolved efficiently by an HR team.


1. A disgruntled employee has resigned; however, they do not wish to speak to their manager about their work experience.

HR Resolution: Exit Interview

An external HR Advisor acts as the mediator between the employee and the manager.

The HR Advisor schedules an open and honest discussion (in the form of an Exit Interview) with the departing employee, ensuring complete privacy and confidentiality.

Without the presence of their manager, the employee feels comfortable expressing their opinions about the company, as well as putting forward recommendations for improvement. The HR Advisor then implements a plan of action based on the employee’s comments and feedback, to benefit both the departing employee and the company in question.


2. An employee resigns without warning, threatening the management structure of the company with no one to take on the responsibilities of the now-vacant role.

HR Resolution: Succession Planning

Through succession planning, an HR Advisor identifies job requirements for the newly vacant role and determines a list of employees who possess the skills to fulfil these requirements.

An employee is either promoted into the new role or makes a lateral move to take on the open position. Should no-one within the organisation be considered suitable, the HR Advisor may suggest hiring externally.


3. An employee’s performance has been unsatisfactory, but communication between the manager and employee has been ineffective and prickly.

HR Resolution: Performance Management

The HR Advisor mediates the situation between the manager and employee in order to mitigate potential conflict, disagreement or difficult conversation.

The dedicated HR Advisor carries out the performance management process with the employee. The HR Advisor liaises with the manager and employee to walk them through KPIs, goals, and objectives. The Advisor then monitors the employee throughout a set time frame.

Based on the employee’s performance, the Advisor either advises to continue the employee’s contract; or, alternatively, to issue an official warning until their performance improves. Should there be no apparent improvement, the Advisor would then carry out the next steps for ending the employment.


The bottom line

Ultimately, HR is all about people.

A proper HR function will provide guidance, knowledge, and the necessary tools to train, develop, coach, performance manage, reward and recognise all of your employees. Furthermore, HR acts as a powerful vehicle for business strategy and employee motivation, effectively implementing and reinforcing your company values, vision, and mission.


About the Author:

Monica is a self-confessed grammar nerd and passionate advocate of diversity, equality, and cultural heritage. Communication is her trade and words and languages are her best tools, allowing her to bring creative flair to any kind of content that she creates.