HR Outsourcing

We believe that people are your business’s best asset. Whether small or large, every business can thrive when its people thrive, supported and nurtured by a strong HR function.

But rather than building and maintaining a solid, comprehensive HR department from scratch, you
can outsource HR duties to experts in the field.

That’s where we come in.

HR Outsourcing

Optimise your entire business from the inside out by nurturing the people who
make it all possible. Polyglot Group’s HR Outsourcing service gives you peace
of mind
that your people are taken care of.

With a local understanding of HR practices and compliance requirements, we provide customised HR services to fit your specific challenges and budget constraints.

We help you with...

HR Compliance Mustard

HR Compliance

Conditions of Employment Mustard

Conditions of Employment

Remuneration benefits Mustard

Remuneration & Benefits

Job Analysis Mustard

Job Analysis

Workforce Planning Mustard

Workforce Planning

Performance Disciplinary issues Mustard

Performance & Disciplinary Issues

Employee Correspondance Mustard

Employee Correspondance

Termination Mustard

Ending Employment


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HR Advisory

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How does HR Outsourcing work?

Think of us as your internal HR team, just working remotely.

On a day to day basis, your dedicated Polyglot Group HR Team will:

Guide advice Mustard

Guide and advise
you through everyday HR issues.

Compliance Mustard 1

Minimise your risk by ensuring compliance and best practice.

Employment engagement Mustard

Increase employee
engagement and satisfaction.

Support expertise Mustard

Provide support & expertise to your team.

Empower people Mustard

Empower, educate and nurture your people.

So, whether you are a small company looking to grow, or a larger business
looking to be more efficient, we have the solution to ensure your business
thrives with more support and most importantly, less risk.

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