A story of growth, of staying true to yourself, and the beauty of working with people, for people. This is the story of Corinne Bot, named 1 of 50 Unsung Business Heroes by Charles Fairlie.


Out in March 2019, Charles Fairlie’s 2nd edition of 50 Unsung Business Heroes puts the spotlight on 50 figures in the business world who have demonstrated extraordinary initiative and ambition, achieving success in the face of adversity.

The nominated 50 represent a diverse collective of Australian small business CEOs and founders, with over 1,000 employees and a combined turnover of more than $400 million.

Small businesses, in many ways, represent the backbone of the Australian economy.

However, they do not always get the recognition they may deserve, remaining relatively ‘unsung’ or ‘unnoticed’ – despite being all but unappreciated.

Hence Charles Fairlie’s decision to highlight these 50 Unsung Business Heroes for the world to see.


The Story of Corinne Bot

Corinne’s story is not to be missed. Full of ups and downs, challenges and victories, she shares a number of her breakthrough moments and thoughts. Here are just a few.

On the verge of scaling and expanding far beyond she had ever imagined, Corinne knew she had to make a crucial decision:


“I can either stay small, and become a slave to my business, or I make a plan to grow it.”


For some, growing at such a rate might require compromising on other aspects of the business and your own personal ethics. But not for Corinne.


“If you live by your values, and you are showing everybody there are things you will not tolerate, you set the culture – it’s as simple as that.”


And after her many years in business, Corinne’s advice to aspiring creators and founders has a lot to do with happiness.


“My personal advice is that there is no sense in creating a business only for money. Yes, you need to make money, but money doesn’t make you happy.”



Be sure to check out the full chapter on Corinne’s journey and get your copy of 50 Unsung Business Heroes here.

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