On Thursday the 27th of October, The Polyglot Group gathered in the glamorous Ivy Penthouse to celebrate an extraordinary achievement. On this night, the team proudly commemorated our remarkable CEO, Corinne Bot, as she was knighted the Legion of Honor under the French Government.


Corinne was selected to be knighted due to her unsubsiding ambition and incredible merit, not only in her business leadership, but as a woman committed to French interests and the common good. As employees of her own business, we can first-handily concur that Corinne inspires all of us with her vision and belief in others.

Since establishing the business in 1995, Corinne’s devotion has seen The Polyglot Group grow from a single-person business to employing over 60 passionate staff members. True to her international vision and global approach, The Polyglot Group has expanded from its base in Sydney, right across Australia (Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane), as well as reaching to an international base across Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, San Francisco, and Cape Town.

Corinne has been recognized by the French Government for her commitment to the French business community in Australia – a loyalty which has seen her devote unsubsiding charity and business efforts across all different platforms. Even when Polyglot was still a young company, Corinne joined the French Australian Chamber of Commerce –  a dedication which soon saw her becoming the chair of the organization.

Corinne’s true passion and belief in the French business community also inspired her to become a French Foreign Trade Adviser – a fundamental position which she has now held for over 15 years. Her efforts and inspiring charitable spirit go on, as she continually assists Business France in organizing the Grand Prix VIE – a program dedicated to empowering innovating young French business volunteers in Australia. Corinne’s commitment has extended past business endeavors, as she has dedicated years of personal service to the French school in Sydney, as well as supporting other events such as the Alliance Française Film festival.

The night was one filled with gratitude and pride, as The Polyglot Group was honored to celebrate not only a great leader, but also a caring and ambitious CEO driven by her drive, values and passion to help others in their business ventures.

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