The Australian Energy Storage Council (ESC) is a national member based not-for-profit organisation and is governed by a volunteer board.

It has a critical role in creating industry standards and encouraging industry best practice for the energy storage sector.

Energy storage has become a determinant for renewable energy and the way we produce and purchase our energy in general. As a result, the ESC seeks to advance the uptake and development of energy storage in Australia, with the help of other independent energy industry leaders.

Polyglot has been providing competitive priced service to newcomers and existing companies in the industry. Through the members benefit, Polyglot Group will be able to further engage in the community of renewable energy by participating in future webinars, training development courses and receive newsletter for regular updates of the industry.

For more information relating to renewable energy industry, contact Jan Rieche or call our Sydney office at 02 9518 4388.


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