Our Spark Club is all about uniting entrepreneurs in the energy field to grow from one another’s experiences.


This quarter’s event did just that.

Taking place on the 20th of September, we gathered at the EnergyLab in Chippendale. The topic was of particular interest to our budding entrepreneurs: how to attract investors for your business.

The Fireside Chat topic, Early Stage Investment and Beyond, explored the venture capital world with Ulric Ferner. Ulric shared his own journey from entrepreneur to VC, and discussed what he had learned at MIT and Boston Consulting.

Through his informative talk, Ulric drew on his own journey from entrepreneur to VC, and discussed what he had learned from his experiences (including in Silicon Valley).

Ulric provided a “mini masterclass” on the investment journey. He shared insights into the mind of the investors. Not only did our participants learn how to pitch to investors, but also how to deliver this pitch at the right stage in their start-up’s journey.

Of course, Ulric provided wonderful insight into the mind of the investors. As such, our participants gained an understanding of what investors are seeking, and how to cultivate those characteristics in their own energy start-up.

Overall, Ulric’s discussion made one point clear: the time for Energy Tech is now. Energy is undergoing massive disruption and the industry is booming with new opportunities, making it a perfect time to accelerate energy innovation.

We couldn’t agree more, which is the original inspiration behind Spark Club.  Keen to get involved? Subscribe to our event updates by scrolling to the bottom of our Spark Club event page. Want more updates? Don’t hesitate to follow our Spark Club Twitter.

See you at the next event!

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