The Africa Down Under (ADU) Conference raises awareness of Australia’s interests in African mining & energy.


Now in its 15th year, the conference has grown into the largest African mining-focused event outside of the continent itself. And when we consider the surging growth rates of nearly all African countries, it’s clear that Africa bears potential which is yet to be explored.

In order to explore that potential and decipher the complexities, the 2017 ADU presented in-depth discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities.

This event took place from the 6th to the 8th of September at the beautiful Pan Pacific Hotel in Perth.

Just as in previous years, our Africa Special Projects Manager, Eric Ortolan attended and shared his knowledge with others.

The increase in foreign investment in Africa has seen an increase in demand for cross-cultural solutions, and Polyglot Group has been providing these solutions for over a decade. Not only do we source Bilingual Mining Professionals, we also offer assistance with Scientific Reports, Feasibility Studies as well as Mining Permits and Drilling Contracts. Foreign investment in Africa has also seen an increase in demand for Technical Translations and Executive Language Coaching; more needs Polyglot is proud to be meeting.

Over the course of three days, we were treated to many vibrant and inclusive discussions, which raised awareness to the extensive resource opportunities on offer throughout Africa.

Interested in discovering the opportunities for yourself? Then check out the Africa Down Under website, and stay tuned for next year’s event!

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