Australia’s tax structure is complex, meaning local and overseas investors often encounter all kinds of issues.


To address these complexities, our POLY x TALKS focused on becoming up-to-date with the latest Australian tax regulations.

Who better to shed some light on these complexities than Sheldon Mak As a partner of Anderson Certified Public Accountants, Sheldon specialises in delivering financial planning advice for Chinese investors.

Equipped with his rich experience, Sheldon drew on some common tax-related issues encountered by his clients.

When delivering practical advice, Sheldon explored the different types of taxes involved in the investment cycle. He also explained the best practices in capital investment planning and investment framework. In particular, he looked at the latest series of tax regulations related to SGE (Significant Global Entities) operating in Australia.

To conclude, Sheldon emphasised the importance of comprehensive tax planning when investing in Australia.

After the presentation, the audience had the chance to raise their own thoughts by sharing their opinions and individual experiences.

Here at The Polyglot Group, we are delighted to see our own initiative spark such topical discussions and help others to expand globally.


More about our POLY x TALKS

Inspired by the world-renowned, boundary-pushing TED talks, POLY x TALKS brings together professionals from all fields to discuss and share on topics within industries ranging from IT, Renewable Energy & Pharmaceutical as well as on more vast subjects such as HR Issues & how to overcome them. We are creating a place where people from different walks of life can share and gain from the creation of a community, even for just one moment.

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