Last week, our blog post anticipated a special upcoming event in The Polyglot Group’s calendar: the French Tech Talent Barcelona discussion!


Now, we are happy to report the event’s successes and share our key takeaways from this insightful discussion.

The event took place last Thursday, the 23rd of February, at the Toulouse Business School (TBS) in Barcelona. The Polyglot Group was proud to power this solution-oriented talk about the Tech Ecosystem in Barcelona.

Curious about the challenges occurring in this tech ecosystem and determined to uncover new solutions, The Polyglot Group joined 2 other companies, 3 schools and the French Chamber of Commerce to boost the flow of ideas. Under the support of French Tech Barcelona, this brainstorm session gave each speaker the opportunity to tackle the challenges occurring in the tech sector today.

The Polyglot Group’s MD Jacques Reynaud joined Thomas Nivol (EMEA Recruitment Manager of Criteo) and Raoul Roverato (COO of Worldsensing) in dissecting, analysing and discussing the situation from a business perspective.

Similarly, the 3 schools (the Toulouse Business School, Epitech and l’idem) enlightened us with their thoughtful perceptions and suggestions.

Together, we constructed a holistic insight into the Tech Ecosystem in Barcelona and its current challenges. Here are the key takeaways.


The Main Challenges

Employer branding and talent attraction.

Being attractive to new generations, which often show preference for a coach rather than a manager.

Fulfilling young talent’s desire for flexibility to balance professional growth with their personal growth.

Recruiting from outside of Barcelona and Spain, as it raises the risk of turnover and cost of international mobility.

The small talent pool, as ideal talent is often globally dispersed.


Main Solutions Suggested by the Businesses

Develop local talent pools and train talent in accordance with market needs.

Develop long term relationships with schools.

Take part in the local ecosystem and broaden networks to a “wider team”.

Keep on innovating to attract talents and allow your team to learn and grow.

Remain agile and flexible to attract talent of new generations.


Main Solutions Suggested by the Schools

Train students in soft skills.

Be innovative in training students for a future that’s quickly changing.

Maintain a close relationship with companies to allow talents to apply their theoretical skills.

Teach entrepreneurship, autonomy and creativity.

Have professionals teach in schools and pass on their experience.


Cognisant to the challenges and trends raised by our discussion, French Tech Barcelona also organises fairs, job days, Start-up Weekends and Bootcamps to connecting future talent with leading technological businesses.

Upon the conclusion of this discussion, we also had the pleasure of awarding some outstanding TBS students who were present. These TBS students had previously participated in an intensive entrepreneurial workshop known as “Startup Bootcamp”, which was organised by TBS WAY and Idescopio Consultants. The winning team created a platform to help students find a freelance mission, a truly innovative solution known as Freelance Student.

True to all of our visions, the event concluded with a sense of accomplishment and ambition for the future of tech.

Event speakers and attendees

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