The Polyglot Group is passionate about helping businesses and professionals grow and transition smoothly into their new country and is proud to have recently sponsored the Germans in Australia publication and e-book.


Developed by Cross-Culture Publishing, the guide is a rich source of information for German expats who are either preparing for their arrival to the country or are already living in Australia and are looking to familiarise themselves with the country and the German-speaking community.

Culture-shock and feelings of being home-sick can make the experience of travelling or relocating to a new country for extended periods of time difficult, let alone the prospect of learning a new language and understanding nuances in cultural and professional practices.

The Germans in Australia guide helps to ease this transition, by informing German expatriates to Australia where they can connect with fellow expatriates and learn from their experiences in the country. 

The guide which is available in both German and English, also provides a handy state-by-state description of each state and territory and the various German-Australian clubs, associations, restaurants, schools and other places of cultural interest around the country.

You can download the Germans in Australia guide from Cross-Culture Publishing and start browsing the various topics to inform you during your stay in Australia.


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