Technology can be perceived as a solo sport which revolves around one person and their computer.


Determined to change this perception, The Polyglot Group and Coder Factory Academy came together to ignite the exciting possibilities that lie within technology.  The result? A H(R)ackathon.

This 3-day event took place from Friday to Sunday, October 21-23 in Ultimo, Sydney. Unlike other hackathons, the H(R)ackathon was not just about creating a cool app or website, but also about bringing people together and creating long lasting technology to benefit human interaction at work.

Its purpose?  To solve broad Human Resources (HR) concerns, engage brands in the importance of Tech in HR, promote entrepreneurial ideas, (re)discover our passion for innovation plus build a network of like-minded people & bring technology to the forefront of HR. Nearly 100 tech enthusiasts registered for this unique event.

With the help of our sponsors, we brought a whole swag of prizes for the most innovative and functional products which arose from this event.

A panel of amazing judges and mentors helped the keen attendees to coin their product and business model, before assessing each candidate.

The first winner, MoodMeter, received a seed investment from Flare HR. Our partner in this event, Coder Factory awarded their coding course to the next winner, Nurture. We were happy to present the final winning team, BuddyPandas their own piece of innovative technology – fitbits.

The most rewarding aspect to this event was nurturing a hub for networking and creativity, which gave rise to boundless possibilities and mind-blowing ideas.

We give special thanks to all of our sponsors: Flare HR, HowAboutEat and easyemployer, without whom this event would not have been possible. We would also like to send our sincere congratulations to each and every team who coined some remarkable ideas of the future!

Having trouble picturing the event? Watch our video recap to see how it unfolded!

About the Author:

Jacqueline Harding is passionate about sharing information, news and stories in a user-friendly way to educate and uplift people from all across the globe.