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With the desire to continually expand our knowledge to bring the best advice to our clients, Polyglot was honoured to host, together with the French Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona, a panel discussion about HR tech and the impact that new technologies have on Human Resources.

Held on Friday the 15th of April, we were lucky enough to welcome two extraordinary HR Experts: Álvaro Vázquez Losada from the Talent & Culture branch of Unlimiteck (the holding company that he co-founded) and Joaquín Rubio, the HR Director at Cofidis. And who better than the Director of Deloitte, Joan Pere Salom to moderate the discussion?


To start the discussion, Salom shared the results of his recent four-year-study the “Global Human Capital Trends 2015” offering insights about how the crisis, new technologies and the new geographical order are deeply changing the business world and therefore the role that Human Resources’ holds in this new shift. Some of the direct effects he brought to light is the necessity for exchanging skills between departments, the new YouTube trainings as well as creating a ranking website allowing employees to grade companies they have worked for in order to let potential employees know the pros and cons of the employer. All of these changes show that technology has not only changed the way we live our day to day lives but also how we work.


According to Álvaro Vázquez Losada the new geographical reality that began changing when technology started allowing people to work more flexibly (work from anywhere with anyone despite geographical separation) has taken us back to the essential: Human Relationships. Indeed, the question today is not “where are you based” but rather ”with whom do you work?” To this Joaquín Rubio specified that working from a distance isn’t necessarily possible for every sectors. Moreover, he added that professional and hierarchical relationships have changed a lot in the process and that the way managers think of their employees is now evolving from “colleague” and “co-worker” today to “client” tomorrow.


Álvaro Vázquez Losada finished by stating that Google had their HR team leave payment rolls and other technical tasks to the finance department in order to have them concentrate on what truly maters as a recruiter: the talents. Attract, select and retain talents is a slower, longer and deeper process than ever before and does not just involve the recruitment process but the follow through of that persons’journey in the workplace. This new approach places the HR department at the very heart of the global company’s strategy, identity and future development. Today, in order to obtain a talent’s time one ought to win their heart and continue to keep them passionate about their work.


The role of HR is slowly coming back to how it began: making sure the ”human” feels they can be themselves at work and concentrating on their talent. Álvaro Vázquez Losada stressed the great value of human capital underlining the fact that in a company anything can be copied: a logo, a technology, an idea, a marketing campaign, really anything except one: the talent, the human being, you and us.


Check out some of our photos from the event!

Panel speaking in front of audience

Jacques Reynaud presenting to audience in front of panel

Audience listening to panel discussion

Álvaro Vázquez Losada (Unlimiteck), Joan Pere Salom (Deloitte), Joaquín Rubio (Cofidis) discussing on the panel

Panel Discussion: Álvaro Vázquez Losada (Unlimiteck), Joan Pere Salom (Deloitte), Joaquín Rubio (Cofidis)

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