When applying for jobs, you probably pay attention to the skills outlined in the “essential criteria”.


But describing your suitability for the job takes more than technical experience. Let me explain.

When it comes to writing a stand-out cover letter or giving an impressive interview, you can’t rely on your previous career experience to get you over the line. You need to have human-to-human interpersonal skills.

If you browse online candidate resources, you’re sure to find endless articles on how to cultivate such communication skills. But at the end of the day, interpersonal skills are just that: inter-personal! Whilst resources can be helpful, nothing can compare to the value of real human-to-human interaction.

It’s clear that candidates need more opportunities to practice their interview or perfect their own CV. And who better to help than recruiters?

We are determined to give job-seekers these practical opportunities. As such, we have launched our very own “Career Accelerator” program!

These events see our consultants have one-on-one sessions with job applicants. Here, candidates learn how to put their best foot forward, write an amazing CV, and prepare for an interview!

True to our commitment to a culturally diverse workforce, each event is dedicated to a new culture, and a new industry.

On January 30, our Barcelona consultants (Sophie Van GoethemHanane Jendoubi, and Marion Comparet), launched the very first event! This time, we helped Dutch, German and Scandinavian candidates to develop their careers in Sales & Marketing!

Here’s a little about what took place.


Meet & Greet

The Barcelona team had been helping these candidates over the course of several weeks. However, this was the first time they had met face-to-face. The excited mood in the room confirmed the value of meeting and engaging with each other.

True to the multiculturalism of the event, the conversations were held in a range of languages, including in Dutch, English and Spanish.


Discussing Career Opportunities in Barcelona

At the event, each candidate had a one-on-one session with their Polyglot Group consultant. During these sessions, we discussed Barcelona’s job market and current trends.

Our consultants also presented a selection of opportunities in Sales and Marketing, with special consideration to the candidate’s experience, industry, education and salary expectations.

Barcelona’s job market is often misunderstood as bearing less opportunities than other cities around the world. And whilst many have accepted a lower salary to enjoy Barcelona’s sunny lifestyle, the city certainly bears opportunities to develop a prosperous career.

After highlighting Barcelona’s opportunities, our consultants then helped each candidate with their CVs (including its optimal layout and inclusions), as well as their and interviewing skills.


Polyglotter Sophie Van Goethem delivering a one-on-one session


Gearing Up for the Future

This event series is dedicated to helping candidates develop professionally and to help them embark on a prosperous career track.

As such, our consultants be sending their refreshed CVs to multiple companies, and of course,  offering our support through every step of the recruitment process.

Are you looking to make a new career move? Hoping to brush up on your interview skills? Then make sure to keep a tab on our events page and subscribe to get the latest events straight to your inbox!

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