On the 24th of May, we had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Salon de l’Emploi in Barcelona


This job fair saw talent, HR leaders and international companies gather at the prestigious Universitat de Barcelona. Anyone who has attended this job fair will know that it’s the ultimate way to discover career opportunities and meet prospective employers.  The day also revealed Barcelona’s entrepreneurship opportunities, which allowed attendees to better understand the local market.

Organised by L’Union des Français de l’Étranger, this event is specifically tailored for Francophones interested in Spain’s job market. As such, we were honoured to support this fair with our own interactive session. Our panel gave job seekers the opportunity have their questions answered by the Talent Acquisition Manager at Sopra SteriaMarga Maldonodo, as well as our own General Manager, Jacques Reynaud.

The purpose of our interactive session was to use our combined expertise answer talent’s most pressing questions. As such, our discussion explored:

  • The importance of putting experience and skills into an appropriate context. After all, it is not about describing the past experience—it’s about understanding how this experience can add value for the potential employer.
  • The value of seeking new opportunities in the “hidden market” outside of advertised job positions.
  • How to establish meaningful relationships with employers, especially when considered as someone who is “abroad”.
  • How to discover new opportunities through non-traditional ways of job seeking and working (such as freelancing).
  • How to fulfill “gaps” in skills or experience without undergoing costly education.
  • How to stand out in competitive job markets.

We are thankful for the UFE’s organisation of this event, as well as Marga’s wonderful contribution to our discussion.We are always delighted to see our efforts help talent in their international endeavours. As such, we look forwards to continuing our support of cross-cultural careers & international opportunities!

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