AgriTech & Forestry

New Zealand has long been a major agricultural producer, with the sector contributing to over
50% of 
the country’s total exports.

Although economically sound, the industry’s environmental impacts have pushed the
country to modernise

This is where AgriTech comes into play, a
booming industry which merges tech, agriculture, horticulture & forestry to be more sustainable, whilst meeting the food & environmental demands of a growing global population.

Currently contributing approximately $1.5 billion to New Zealand’s export receipts, the sector
has significant potential for growth. Is your business ready to reap the benefits?

To do so, you’ll need smarter strategies, better equipped teams as well as
more specialist skills and knowledge to meet industry demand.

That’s where we come in.

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We believe in easing your growth journey. This is why we offer a variety of services under one roof so as to offer 1 partnership for all of your local or global growth needs.

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Your business is unique. Forget the cookie-cutter approach – we customise every one of our services to suit your individual business needs at every stage of your growth journey.

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Our unique presence in key global markets gives us expert local knowledge so as so as to offer you premium expertise, service,
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We have developed key knowledge across the global AgriTech space. Our in-depth know-how gives us the tools to open the world’s largest growing economies to you.