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Floriane Presle

HR & EOR Coordinator

After graduating in hospitality management, Floriane had the opportunity to work in luxury hotels across the USA, Australia, the UK, and France. She then developed an interest in HR and completed a master's degree in Human Resource Management that was undertaken in Australia and France. She then started her HR career as a recruitment manager in Paris. Following this, she spent two years working as an HR manager at McDonald's HQ in France, where she was in charge of 17 restaurants and 1,300 employees. 

She has now joined us at Polyglot Group as an EOR and HR coordinator. Here, she works across our HR and EOR teams providing a local understanding of HR practises and compliance requirements to our international clients. Floriane has a passion for helping employees and colleagues, and thrives in situations where she is kept busy. Hailing from France, Floriane speaks both French and English. 

Connect with Floriane:

The Polyglot Group +61 2 9518 4388
25 Burton St
Glebe 2037
5 Things You Didn't Know About Floriane
Massage 1 Yogi Floriane practises yoga everyday and will soon become a certified yoga teacher.
Wine White Wine & cheese? Yes, please! All about living the good life, she loves taking trips to different wine regions and cycling from winery to winery for wine and cheese tastings.
Cooking Food memories She collects food recipes from her family and friends (from different countries and regions of the world) so she can cook and think of them.
Piano Music Roots Both of her parents are musicians. When she was younger she played piano and cello, however, she is a bit rusty now.
Horse Take Me Home, Country Roads One of her favourite memories was horseback riding in Monument Valley during a road trip across the West USA.
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