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Jacques Reynaud

Brand Ambassador

Jacques is passionate about people and what they can achieve when working together as a team. His undeniable belief that 2 is better than one has seen Jacques push himself and others to constantly better themselves at work and in life.

When it comes to supporting clients, Jacques works restlessly to optimise and expand their organisation’s operations. As if his 10 years of consulting experience weren’t enough, Jacques continues to practise his support through various board member roles, not to mention partaking in non-governmental organisations and associations.

French-Australian living in Spain, Jacques speaks fluent French, English and Spanish. Not one to settle, Jacques’s burning self-incentive has also seen him study German and Mandarin.

After being Head of Operations & General Manager in Australia for 7 years, Jacques is now based at Polyglot Group’s European HQ. Not deterred by time zones, Jacques works with the teams across borders to provide clients with Polyglot Group's constant support.

Connect With Jacques:

The Polyglot Group +34 931 195 975
+34 617 187 446
Av. de Josep Tarradellas
38 - 08029
Barcelona, Spain
5 Things You Didn't Know About Jacques
Superhero 1 Super Power If Jacques had a super power, he would be able to distort time and teleport himself.
Feet Simplicity Jacques lives and works by this quote from Einstein: "Keep it as simple as possible but no simpler".
Heart Treasure Jacques’ most treasured possessions include his wife's love; the Swiss army knife his grandpa gave him when he was 7 and his Australian surfboard.
Grandpa 2 Fair Trade If Jacques could trade lives with anyone for a day, he would pick his grandfather who he misses deeply.
Mask 1 Big Dreams Jacques dreams of a world where every human being feels proud and happy about what they do.
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