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Jessica Milla Cifre

Language Services Coordinator

Originally of Spanish origin, Jessica is well-versed in cross-cultural and multilingual communications. She is a graduate of Translation & Interpreting in both English and German, having studied in Barcelona. Jessica has experience working as an English teacher and a translator.

She is passionate about people and their diverse cultural backgrounds and customs. She's lived all over the world - from Dubai in the UAE, to Florida, USA, Spain, Germany, and England! She attributes her worldly knowledge and cultural awareness to this extensive life experience.

With a love for languages and being organised, she thrives in our multicultural environment at Polyglot Group. Here, she looks after all of our Language Support projects for clients across the globe (whether it's Translation, Interpreting, or Localisation).

Connect with Jessica:

The Polyglot Group
Av. de Josep Tarradellas
38 - 08029
Barcelona, Spain
5 Things You Didn't Know About Jessica
Ballet Baila Baila Baila A true Spanish native, Jessica is a lover of music and dance
Mask 1 Lazy Eye? Jessica is only able to wink with one of her eyes!
Hiking Great Outdoors She loves hiking and will travel the world to find new sights!
Surfing Get Active Jessica loves getting out to go surfing and scuba diving
Passport Citizen of the World Jessica has lived in multiple countries (from the Middle East to the US!)
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