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Simon Miclet At Beaujolais Nouveau

Simon Miclet

General Manager Africa

Exploring new cultures is in Simon’s DNA. Having lived and worked in France, Australia, Sri-Lanka, India and now, South Africa, Simon’s love of diversity is never-ending.

It is this love for diversity which inspired his career in HR Consulting, as a Diversity Consultant. Simon’s expertise is Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity Management and Recruitment analysis makes him a triple threat and an amazing solutions designer.

Over his career he has provided cross-cultural training to HR managers, project Managers and journalists of respected French companies and after his first experience in our Sydney Office in 2009, Simon took up the challenge to open our new office in Cape Town, South Africa.

Connect With Simon:

The Polyglot Group +27 71 111 3629
6 Spin St, CBD
Cape Town, 8001
South Africa
5 Things You Didn't Know About Simon
Music One, Zwei, Trois Simon speaks both French & English proficiently, as well as elementary German.
Globe Global Resident Simon has lived in Australia, Sri-Lanka, India and South Africa and considers himself a citizen of the world.
Party Popper Special Skills Simon is a Diversity and CSR expert!
Mountain 1 The Trip Of A Lifetime According to Simon, the Transiberian train trip makes for the most extraordinary journey.
Starstruck Bollywood Boy Simon is a huge fan of Bollywood films for their colour and music.
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