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Susana Fernández

Central Intelligence Assistant

Susana studied Law and Business Administration, incapable of choosing just one of the two – her passions are many and they are precisely what contribute to her vibrant personality and eagerness to learn.

She has experience working in law, as well as in administration, accounting and quality control.

Eventually, she decided to direct her career towards business growth and development, even though Law has also taught her an extensive amount about people, business, and society.

During her internship at Polyglot Group, she discovered that despite being more of an Arts and Humanities person, she also has an aptitude for coding and software systems. This led to her interest in Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), harnessing various online tools to create well-connected, thriving workplaces such as Polyglot Group.

Connect with Susana:

The Polyglot Group +61 2 9518 4388
25 Burton St
Glebe 2037
5 Things You Didn't Know About Susana
Coffee Java At First Sight Coffee is Susana's best friend
Book Gothic Chic The darker and more twisted a novel, the more she will enjoy reading it
Thumbs Up 'Yes' Woman Susana will never say no if someone asks for help or to be included in a project
Brain 1 Head Over Heels Some people say Susana gets too involved when working on something
Beer Beer Buddy Beer is Susana's second best friend
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