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Vanisha Carline

Payroll Officer

Vanisha graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in professional accounting. During her time at Macquarie University, she interned as an assistant accountant. Throughout her internship, she took on an administrative position assisting in taxation and bookkeeping. Upon graduation, Vanisha worked as an internal accountant for an accounting firm.

During her time there, she was responsible for several clients and their bookkeeping needs, including bank reconciliation, payroll, and IAS and BAS preparation, amongst other things. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for payroll, she has joined us as a payroll officer, where she can hone her payroll and client relations skills. We are so happy to have her join us.

Connect with Vanisha:

The Polyglot Group +61 2 9518 4388
25 Burton St
Glebe 2037
5 Things You Didn't Know About Vanisha
Pancakes 1 Foodie Vanisha loves trying new foods.
Piano Musically Inclined She can play both the guitar and piano!
Dog Dog-Lover Vanisha loves dogs.
Plane Jetsetter She loves to travel.
Language Support White Bilingual Vanisha speaks both Bahasa Indonesia and English.
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