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William Gaguin

Head of Operations - ANZ

With close to 10 years’ experience in International Recruitment, William’s expertise covers Finance, HR, Payroll, Purchasing, Sales, Administration and IT across all industries and company sizes.

Being fluent in French, Spanish and English, as well as learning Arabic, William has worked for several global organisations and travelled the world over his career. This has given him the skills to work with clients and companies from all over the globe, all with different needs and visions.

Passionate about his work, William believes in efficiency, reliability and transparency, which makes him the best candidate to handle business development, account management and international relations.

Connect With William:

The Polyglot Group +61 3 9077 2670
+61 410 312 326
129 Drummond Street
Carlton VIC 3053
5 Things You Didn’t Know About William
Globe Globe Trotter William has travelled the world and lived for more than a year in France, Spain, Peru and Morocco, among others.
Humanitarian 1 Humanitarian William spent 7 months in Jauja, the ancient capital city of the Inka Civilization on a humanitarian mission to assist the local communities.
Passport Country Hopper William's life mission is to visit and explore every single country in the world.
Superhero 1 Super Power If he had a super power, William would teleport around the world so as to have breakfast, lunch & dinner in a different place every day.
Soccer Soccer Fanatic William is originally from Lyon, and is still a huge supporter of the local soccer team: the “Olympique Lyonnais”.
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