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Meg Jacobs

Principal US - Renewable Energy Practice

Meg originally started her career as a Veterinary Nurse, specializing in Emergency Medicine and Surgery. Little did she know that a very different avenue was on the horizon.

After taking the opportunity to work at a Recruiting Agency in Silicon Valley some time later, she never looked back. Since then, she has worked for well-funded software companies building out technical teams and overseeing sales and marketing.

She has collaborated with firms as both a contractor and an onsite employee, with experience in higher-tier managerial roles including Director of Recruitment. Most recently, she was working her magic as a Senior Recruiter at Enphase Energy HQ, building out teams in Marketing, Software Engineering, Power Engineering and Finance.

Meg is thrilled to be part of the Polyglot Family, and aims to drive the Talent Acquisition team by building on existing relationships and ensuring that the Polyglot Group US office continues to expand and flourish.

Connect with Meg:

The Polyglot Group
+1 (628) 219-6699
The Polyglot Group VenturePad, 1020 B St
San Rafael, CA 94901, United States
5 Things You Didn't Know About Meg
Horse Equestrian Champion Meg started riding horses when she was a mere two years old!
Heart 2 Aussie at Heart When visiting our HQ, Meg officially fell in love with Australia.
Cooking Passion for Pie Meg's favorite food is pumpkin pie.
Glasses Island Princess Meg lived in Hawaii for two years.
Brain 1 Daughter of a Mastermind Meg’s dad discovered wave power while studying at MIT!