Employment Outsourcing

Hire employees in Australia without an established entity.

A key option available when expanding your business is an Employer of Record (EOR).

As a service, this essentially refers to the
outsourcing of all employer responsibilities
and liabilities to a third party.

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Discover global business made easy!

Employment legislation, payroll, employee benefits, compliance and even tax laws vary greatly from country to country (and sometimes, even between states within the same country).

Is your business just entering the Australian market? Are you a smaller business
with limited HR resources? Needing to expand quickly and efficiently?

Polyglot Group’s EOR solution makes it faster, easier and cheaper
to deploy staff if you don’t have an established Australian entity.

The challenge of remaining compliant can be a major obstacle
to business expansion across international borders, but not anymore…

The Benefits of Partnering With Us

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Reduced Risk

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Ensured Compliance

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Reduced Liability

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Improved Productivity

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Access To Experts

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Hands Free Payroll

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Tailor-Made Service

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All-In-One Solution

Our Employee Cost Calculator is here!

Instantly estimate how much it costs to hire
in Australia with an EOR partner.
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How It Works


Polyglot Group acts as an Employer of Record, becoming the local employer of your staff.

As your EOR Partner (also sometimes referred to as a PEO/GEO),
we hold all the necessary licenses, insurances and registrations
to employ and process the payroll for your team on your behalf.

You remain responsible for the day to day management of your employees,
but we administer all local employment steps including…

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Employer of Record FAQs

The Polyglot Group

  • What is an Employer of Record?

    EOR is when us, Polyglot Group, employ on your behalf an employee working for your business. This employee will benefit from all the working rights of a permanent employee at Polyglot. Therefore, unlike a contractor, the employee will be able to accrue annual, personal and long service leave during their tenure.

  • What are the main reasons why a business should choose EOR for its expansion plan?

    The reasons why a business should choose EOR are many:

    • They want to recruit a local talent with very specific skills but don’t intend to set up an office in Australia
    • They want to assess the market with a physical presence prior to deciding if setting up local entity is worthy
    • They work on a one off project and don’t wish to establish a long term presence
    • They want their Australian contractors to feel part of their business and chose to provide them with a more secure and permanent form of contract
  • How long does the EOR setup process take on average?

    Depending on how organised and quick a client is in gathering all information required it could take from 2 to 5 days.

Visa Sponsorships

Yes, we can also organise work visa sponsorships
on your behalf with our OHLA service. Your staff
get the right to work in Australia, and you get peace of mind.
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