Modern Awards

Modern Awards are official Australian regulations that outline the minimum employment standards for employees in a given industry.

Modern Award regulations contain important information such as minimum pay rates, working hours, overtime, penalty rates, allowances, breaks, payroll cycle, and additional employer obligations.

Are you up to date and in line with current Modern Awards in Australia?

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Employing staff in Australia and staying on top of changing laws
can be complicated.
At Polyglot Group, our dedicated, qualified HR
experts are here to support your operations and your employees.

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How does the Modern Award Finder work?


As experts in Australian employment and workplace regulations,
we research and determine the Modern Award(s) that apply to
each of your employees.  On top of this, we can offer practical
to ensure your operations are in full compliance.

So, whether you are a small company looking to grow, or a larger business
looking to be more efficient, we have the solution to ensure your business
thrives with more support and most importantly, less risk.

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